July 18, 2013

c'mon I know you like little girls

I feel like my nymphet-ness has been on point this summer. Strawberry blonde, tan skin, the shortest shorts, and converse. This is the first Summer I'm actually proud to show off my body. So if I want to wear booty shorts in Disneyland then I'm gonna do it.

While I was in Newport I went to 'Brandy Melville' for the first time. It was an overwhelming experience to say the least. Basically it's one tiny store with hundreds of cute completely affordable clothing items. It has an American Apparel vibe only with Forever 21 prices. I think all the tops were under $25. The one I'm wearing in the photo above was only $12! It's my new favorite top. I bought it because it reminded me of something Buffy Summers would wear. If there's a store near you I definitely suggest you check it out! There's also an online store but it doesn't have nearly as much stuff as in store.

Top by Brandy Melville
Shorts by BDG
Sunglasses by Tom Ford

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  1. Hey Ashlee! I was nominated for a blog award, and as part of it, I nominated you for the award as well! Here's the link to my blog post on it, have fun!