June 10, 2012

♡ photo update ♡

These are all from the last 2 weeks or so I believe. I have completely lost track of time because I've had so much happening lately. I really love where my life is going right now. I'm keeping as busy as possible doing what I love while putting all my time and energy toward achieving my goals and I know it will all pay off. This summer will be full of big changes and accomplishments. I finally feel like I'm on the right track.

dress by BB Dakota, jacket and headband from Urban Outfitters, shoes by Unif, glasses from Previews

June 08, 2012

rainbow sherbet


jacket & pants from Urban Outfitters, crop top from American Apparel, shoes by UNIF, necklaces from my childhood & my mom's jewelry box, pins from Disneyland/thrifted, sunglasses from Previews

 After I wash my hair, since it still contains a fair amount of orange, it ends up looking like sherbet and when I wear it in a bun I feel like an ice cream cone. Not necessarily a bad thing. I wore this outfit a couple days ago but I loved it so better late than never. I felt so cute I wore it 2 days in a row (oops). In my defense it was mostly to take advantage of the perfect cold weather. I hate dressing for warm weather. I just really don't like when my arms and legs are visible, weird I know. Anyways I think I've won the universe's worst blogger award. I have a shoot today but afterwards I am coming home and working on a few new posts. I've actually been busy kids, neat huh?

Last night I went to an advanced screening of the movie Brave. It was pretty cute but I definitely don't think it lived up to all the hype it's getting. If you want to have that 'oh my god I miss Disneyland' feel good feeling then it'd probably be worth your money but it ain't no Tangled.