October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's officially my favorite day of the year. 
It's currently perfectly overcast outside and I'm drinking pumpkin coffee while flipping back and forth between all the perfect horror/Halloween movies on tv right now. There is almost nothing else in the world that makes me happier than Halloween. Although it's always hard for me to fully appreciate today because within a matter of hours today will be over and I'll have to wait another year.  I'm about to start my American Horror Story marathon to pre-game for tonight. I'm already wearing my Violet outfit (costume). The photos above are from Saturday night. If you don't know who I went as then get off my blog. I went bar hopping and it actually ended up being really fun. As of right now I have no idea what I'm doing tonight. I can only hope it lives up to last year. Whatever I end up doing, I look forward to no one understanding who I'm supposed to be. Pictures of my second costume will be posted soon! 

~May all your dreams come true this Halloween~

October 29, 2012


A review of my week (top + from right to left):

-Thrifting for costumes: Jacket, shirt, & shoes by UNIF + jeans from Urban Outfitters.
-Costume shopping part 2 in my: thrifted crushed velvet dress, beanie from Target, shoes by UNIF
-Rediscovered my Betsey Johnson sweater dress after it spent the last 3 years buried in my closet.
-Selfie at work: Dress by Evil Twin, shoes by UNIF.
-Halloween part 1. I'll be posting more photos from my Saturday night on Halloween. Had to save something for the day of. Cliche prom dress from Forever 21, tiara from Previews, blood harvested from every boy who tried to hit on me that night.

I can't believe the best month of the year is almost over. I've been cherishing every second. I'm going to spend the next 2 days carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, and putting the finishing touches on my second costume.

October 20, 2012

paranormal ramblings + Evan Peters' butt

beanie from Target, shirt by Unif, flannel + jeans from Urban Outfitters

Thursday night I went to see Paranormal Activity 4. I have gone to every movie's first showing (except for the first one because it didn't start playing in my city until after it's original release date no judging). It's probably my favorite horror movie franchise and I'm not even sorry about it. I have a thing for ghosts and demons and stuff ok? Also the fact they throw a really funny (jewish?) boy in every movie that I fall in love with. My only complaint is that the 4th movie just wasn't scary enough. I do like how they tied everything in though. If you're a fan of the series then I suggest you go see it but you're not really missing anything that hasn't already been done. Although I'm kind of glad I took the Kinect out of my room last week.

October 19, 2012

The Vandelles 'Miles Away' Official Music Video

As you may or may not know a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Claude Cardenas of Stagnant Cult on a video that was to be a part of his 'Daydream' series. Video work had been something I wanted to experiment with for a while so when I was given the opportunity of course I was thrilled. The video was finished and released a week later and I was so happy with the outcome. Anyways the video featured a song called 'Miles Away' by the band The Vandelles. Somehow the band came across the video and loved it so much they decided to make it the official video for 'Miles Away' and it was officially released yesterday! It's really crazy to me that this little video that was basically made for fun turned in to an official music video. You can check out The Vandelles here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Vandelles/111519378305?fref=ts. Make sure to hit like and send them all your love! 

October 09, 2012

S&M Princess

dress & shoes by UNIF
leather jacket from Urban Outfitters (3 years ago, it's time for an upgrade)

"You just had to be a princess today..."

Today I ran necessary errands and ended up with some not so necessary items. Most importantly I got my hands on my first special effects make up items for my kit. I played around with them today and I'm really excited to perfect my ideas by Halloween.