November 02, 2010

Goodbye October

(flannel from best friend's closet, American Apparel drawstring tank dress, hat from hat store in downtown Sacramento, boots by Doc Marten, messenger bag by MARC by MARC)

I've been slacking on updating this blog. These are photos from my trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. I carved my first pumpkin later that night. I'm already having Halloween withdrawals. Now it's on to the two months I probably hate the most. I always find myself to be extra lonely around the holidays.

I need to learn that it's ok to be alone sometimes. I need to start living for myself. I need to stop feeling as though I need the constant love of another person to feel happy. Although it'd be nice to finally find someone. Someone nice and respectful. Someone who is content being with just me, only me, and accept me for exactly who I am. No more games. No indecision. Is that too much to ask for? Every time I feel like I have that person and give them my heart that person proves me wrong. I just want to receive the same kind of love that I give.

I've lost my way with words lately.


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