June 10, 2012

♡ photo update ♡

These are all from the last 2 weeks or so I believe. I have completely lost track of time because I've had so much happening lately. I really love where my life is going right now. I'm keeping as busy as possible doing what I love while putting all my time and energy toward achieving my goals and I know it will all pay off. This summer will be full of big changes and accomplishments. I finally feel like I'm on the right track.

dress by BB Dakota, jacket and headband from Urban Outfitters, shoes by Unif, glasses from Previews

Pastel heaven.

shirt from Urban Outfitters & skirt from American Apparel

What I taste like currently.

So punk. 

Car shopping. Typical. 

Found this gem in a box of my childhood jewelry. I've worn it every day this week. I need one in every color.

On my way to do make up for the first of many shoots my friend (and AMAZING photographer) Jacqueline has lined up this summer. Check out her work: http://www.facebook.com/jacquelineharriet

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