September 10, 2012

I wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title.

So as you may or may not know, my 21st birthday is in 3 days. I guess it's one of those birthdays where you plan out how you'll celebrate it for your whole life. Well at least that's the case with me. When I was a teenager I always imagined having some extravagant 16th birthday party (thanks MTV) but of course that never happened. I didn't even have a birthday party. I don't think I even did anything to celebrate it unless you count getting my license. The point is I feel like this is the last birthday that's a 'big deal' and for once I want to make it memorable.

I don't really remember when I came up with the concept of a prom themed party but I knew it had to happen and what better occasion than my 21st birthday. But why prom you ask? Of course I went to prom in high school but it in now way lived up to my expectations and ever since I've had a prom shaped hole in my heart. I always dreamt of prom being exactly how it is in the movies (or on The OC more specifically) but in the end prom turned out to be anything but ideal. So now I get a do-over. OK, so I may not have the perfect Jewish boy of my dreams escorting me but I can still make every other aspect ideal. 

Last week I spent 6 hours shopping at every store I could think of trying to find my dream dress for my dream birthday party. I had zero luck. I have this problem where I get an idea of what I want and I can't settle for anything less than this perfect image in my head. Which is why I also don't have a boyfriend. But I won't get in to that. The point is I couldn't imagine myself in anything but the perfect pink princess dress. So finally I convinced myself I wasn't going to magically stumble upon this vintage dream dress hidden away at some thrift store and decided to do some online searching. Settling for a modern dress was something I'd sworn I wouldn't do but in the end I did and now I have the perfect pink princess dress in my possession.

I want to pretend like I'm living in a Lana Del Rey song and chew watermelon bubblegum while drinking pink champagne and dancing to One Direction. I want to still feel like I'm 16 every day for the rest of my life.

I hope crowning myself prom queen will be as fulfilling as I dream it will be...

(images from tumblr)

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