May 12, 2012

♡photo update♡

So ready for the weekend. Spent this week going from red head to pink head. I did a re-bleach and dye last night to get rid of some of the orange left in my bangs and it was a success so new pictures soon. Currently trying to decide on an outfit. I'm so bored with my wardrobe and I always feel like I'm wearing the same thing over and over. Anyways here's an update!

My attempt at Marina inspired make up. I love fake bottom lashes.

Here's the first finished photo from my shoot for Kiwi Look. Stay tuned for more! This shoot was almost a challenge for me because the look they gave me was casual & sweet. I'm almost always the edgy & dramatic one so this look is something completely new and I like it.

carnival queens

Shirt & shoes are Unif and shorts are from Urban.
Before: last picture as a red head. 

Monday I began the pink hair process.This dye failed me big time. It didn't stick at all and only tinted my hair a creamsicle orange. I ended up using Nrage Bubblegum Pink. On the plus side the Nrage was bubblegum scented so it leaves you smelling like bubblegum for days.

Dress from H&M
After: candy princess flamingo. 

And again. I'm really in love with my hair. At first it was a big change and I wasn't sure how I felt because I was hoping to make it more of a pastel but now I am in love. Trying to decide whether or not I want to get straight across bangs again.

Zoya nail polish in 'Shelby'. My current favorite nail polish ( that also shares the name of my best friend). I've waited over a month for Ulta to get it in stock. I was so desperate for it I almost ordered it from the Zoya website but the shipping was more than the nail polish itself. I picked it up the same day I dyed my hair, fate?

I snagged this cute little mirror for $5 at Forever 21. It reminds me of something that would be in a 6 year old's princess themed room or something and I love it. I also got these clip on earrings that go along with that theme (I don't have my ears pierced and I am terrified of having them pierced). I'll post a picture of them later! I think they're going to be perfect for a photo shoot I have coming up.


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