May 01, 2012

♡recently: photo update♡

Had a lazy whatever day today. Lots of coffee, bubble gum, and magazines in bed. I was going to make another video for you guys but I wasn't feelin it so expect one tomorrow! Here's something new I plan on doing every week, my week through photos. I figure it's the best way to catch everyone up on what I've been up to! Also I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I've been feeling so uninspired, which is the absolute worst.

dress: Cheap Monday, jacket: Urban Outfitters, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bracelet: thrifted, pins: thrifted/Disney, platforms (partially pictured): Urban Outfitters

Shopping with the best friend at H&M. I got some requests to do an outfit post for this photo so here it is! Unfortunately I didn't get any full body shots and I really wish I did because I loved this outfit. 

pastel princess for summer

Dresses from H&M. They have the best stuff for spring/summer right now!

jumper: Wildfox, dress: H&M, creepers: TUK, lace socks: costume shop, bracelet: thrifted, heart sunglasses: Target

Heart overload. Friday night I went laser tagging for the first time ever. I didn't end up wearing this, thankfully. 

Iced white mocha with xxxtra caramel obvi.

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot I did for Kiwi Look on Saturday in Berkeley! I loved my hair. It was very Lolita-esque.

Party with my best friend Saturday night. I went home with a bloody knee and a bruised backside.

Dresser clutter.

Dolores Haze necessities for my Lolita inspired shoot.

Finally a little preview from my Lolita shoot I did with Coco yesterday. Except more photos soon!

And with that the pink hair countdown begins! I was going to dye it this week but I don't think I'm going to get the chance to, so next week it is. I'm so excited to do some fun pink hair photo shoots this summer. I feel like good stuff is coming my way soon, no particular reason, I just have an optimistic outlook right now. Probably due to all the coffee.

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