May 21, 2012

♡photo update♡

So after contemplating it for about 6 months, yesterday I decided to go out and buy a hula hoop. Basically it's my new favorite activity. I've been trying to find new ways to exercise that don't make me feel like I'm exercising and I think I've found my solution. I might try out a hula hooping class over the summer. Next I want to start taking trapeze classes. It's something I've wanted to do forever but never looked in to classes. They're pretty reasonably priced for a weekly class and the place the classes are held at is about an hour away. Super determined to start going, if not over the summer then definitely taking myself for my birthday in September. 

Still lacking on posts but I will continue to post these photo updates so you'll at least get a post a week! These seem to be popular so hopefully everyone enjoys them! Here's a little recap of my day yesterday:

I was a big fan of my hair yesterday. When I was 13 I used to wear butterfly clips (with a tiara and a pound of glitter on my eyes, I'm jealous of my 13 year old fashion choices) in my hair every day to school. Then one day they broke and I could never find more so when I found these at Forever 21 I died. They have another pair in a peachy orange color so I'll be going back for those too.

Must purchase soon.

Ok I used to be super HK obsessed throughout my childhood and teen years and have since gotten over it because just about everything has her face on it which has gotten old buuuut I'm kind of obsessed with all these appliances. Mostly that tiny vacuum.

A few recent purchases. I'll go over other recent purchases and stuff like that in the vlog I'm making.

And here's a look at the rest of my week:

2am doughnuts

I went to a party and I guess I was a cat.

I got my septum back! I think it's here to stay for a while.

I have been talking about getting hearts tattooed on my kneecaps for months now so I've been drawing them on until I can make them permanent. I want them in lavender ink and probably a little smaller than this.

Taking pictures on the top of a parking garage with my best friend. We always end up in the same locations.

Dream shoes basically. I'll buy just about anything with a flamingo on it.

Probably my new favorite outfit so I'll continue to be an outfit repeater. The dress is from H&M ($13! can't beat that) but I feel like it's way too basic to wear by itself.


I'm working on an editorial for Gutter Kids magazine so here's a little preview. This is my first big production I'm putting together myself. I'll be modeling along with doing make up and styling. I will continue to update! 

Always in the H&M dressing room. Building my pastel wardrobe.

Did some prom make up over the weekend so here's an action shot. Book me to make you purty too:!

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  1. I have the flamingo shoes! Get sum. We can B twinz.