April 17, 2012

heavy meowtal

shirt + shoes: Unif, shorts: American Apparel, sunglasses: Tom Ford

I got this shirt last summer at Joyrich, one of my favorite stores in LA, so whenever I wear it I remember how much I miss being there. Although I'll be living there soon enough. These shorts, that I now refer to as my Dolores Haze shorts, I got for 50% off at the American Apparel outlet. There was a pair similar, but not nearly so perfectly Lolita-esque, at Urban for more than double the price so when I found these I was pretty excited. One summer must-have checked off my list. Seriously if there is an American Apparel outlet even remotely close to where you live it's worth checking out. In my case it's about a 45 minute drive so I only go every couple months but in the end it's so worth it. They sell the exact same items they do at a regular store except at a discount, even if it's only marked down by $2 (but hey that's $2 less than what you'd usually be spending, and I think we can all agree their stuff is no where near being reasonably priced). I need to make another trip soon because I own way too much black right now. My job ruined black clothing for me. All I want to wear is pastel.

Spent the majority of my day listening to Marina & the Diamonds, looking through this month's Nylon for inspiration, and drinking my first iced coffee in forever while pretending I'm Dolores Haze ~*summerlyf*~ Need to convince someone to go thrifting with me this week. I can't even remember the last time I went. 

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