April 22, 2012

♡ weekend review + recently acquired ♡

Photography by Danny Fung & make up/hair/styling by me

shirt: American Apparel, shorts: Forever 21, belt: Target

A couple shots from the photo shoot I did with Danny Fung on Friday. Danny and I always have a great time shooting together and he is definitely one of my favorite Sacramento photographers. His use of natural light is amazing! Check out more of his work here: www.dannyfungphotography.com! I'll be posting more from our shoot together this week. We're also currently in the process of putting together an underwater mermaid photo shoot which I could not be more thrilled about. Please ignore the massive amount of roots on my head, I'm letting my hair fade/grow out as much as possible before I dye it pink. To be honest though I've always liked the grown out roots look.

Today it was ridiculously hot so I stayed inside, hung out with the air conditioner, and had a horror movie marathon. I've never been a big fan of summer or warm weather, which I guess makes no sense seeing as I'm moving to Southern California. I get really irritable in the heat. I guess at the moment it has a lot to do with the fact I haven't had the chance to update my summer wardrobe. Although I did buy my bathing suit AND I got it for more than half the original price! I've been planning on buying this suit for months and I am so excited I didn't have to pay full price. It's all part of my Lolita inspired summer. I can't even remember the last time I bought a new swimsuit.

It will be here just in time for me and my friend's beach trip later this week. I'm so excited to get out of Sacramento even if it's just for a day. I need to get away from people and feelings and have a chance to breathe. I need a Disneyland trip more than ever right now. Next month can't come soon enough.

I feel like I'm getting sick which I really hope is not the case because I have busy week ahead. Hoping I'm just recovering from the cray night I had last night.

Picnic Cray 2k12 was a success. I love my best friends. Our weekends are the best.

I thought I would start something new where I post about my recent purchases. Kind of a way to keep up to date with what I'm in to at the moment. I guess it kind of goes along with a weekly favorites post. Here are just a few things I've obtained this week:

Nylon April 2012, Zoya nail polish in Opal, belt from Target, and Revlon Lip Butters in Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake, Gumdrop, and Lollipop. 

(Not pictured are way too many iced white mochas with caramel from Starbucks and Pink Nouveau lipstick from MAC.)

One more thing! Everyone make sure to check out Rhyen's blog! He sent me the link to this little post he did about me and I think it's the sweetest :3


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