April 07, 2012

doughnut princess part 1

photos by Paul Beattie/ make up, hair, wardrobe, styling by me

This shoot was one of my favorites I've done so far this year. I got to eat doughnuts AND model, basically combining my two favorite things. Paul and I meshed really well and I was excited to find out he is also a fan of The OC (anyone who knows me knows finding fellow OC fans is a huge deal). You can check out more of his work/contact him HERE. This is the first look from our shoot and I will be posting part 2 over the next couple days along with some polaroids we took. Stay tuned! 

Also I'm going to be attempting my first ever make up tutorial (yikes) inspired by Marina Diamandis this week. I've been super crazy obsessed with her new look AND today I found out Marina and the Diamonds will be playing in San Francisco this July. At 10am tomorrow morning I will be getting my tickets <3_<3 I feel like I need pink hair by then.

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