April 16, 2012

my weekend in hell

shirt: Unif/my best friend's closet, flannel & shorts: Urban, belt: Target, sunglasses: Previews (This store in downtown Sacramento that's half costume shop, half thrift store, I always find the best stuff there.) I also had on creepers but I didn't get any full body pictures.

My weekend was super uneventful which is almost never the case. This is what I wore Sunday out to lunch for my best friend's birthday. I have been so excited over those glasses ever since I bought them. Neon and cat eye heaven. Forever channeling Rose McGowan in Doom Generation (which I still haven't watched but am obsessed with her look any way). Me and my two best friends each have this shirt but mine is no longer in my possession. I won't go in to detail as to why I don't have it because it's a really frustrating situation but it's been missing for nearly a year and I miss it. This is one of my favorite shirts ever so whenever my friend lets me borrow his I wear the crap out of it. Which is why I ended up wearing it on Saturday too.

shirt: Unif/my best friend's closet, shorts: Urban, tights: American Apparel, creepers: TUK online store, beanie: RVCA, bracelet: thrifted

Although in my defense I ended up spending my Saturday night in bed watching movies and drinking coffee so it really didn't count.

Today I booked a catalogue gig which I'm super excited about. Strangely enough studio work is my favorite. It's for an upcoming online store with a photographer I've wanted to work with for a really long time. Speaking of studio shoots, I finally have a date set to shoot the clothes for my online store! Plus it's with one of my favorite gals/photographers so it'll be fun. I'm going to spend this week putting the final touches on styling and figuring out my inspiration. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pieces listed and sold soon so I'll have extra $$$ for Disneyland next month. After I'm done with the shoots I have over the next few weeks and before Disneyland I'll be dying my hair pink. I'm becoming less hesitant about it and more excited. Now I just have to follow through with it which is something I'm horrible at.


Then there's the part where I have to wait 3 months.

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