April 05, 2012

spooky mermaid

flower crown made by me, dress: American Apparel, jacket & shoes: Urban Outfitters, studded bracelet: thrifted, pins: Disneyland/thrifted

Living life like a Disney princess. This dress is probably one of my all time favorite pieces. Every time I wear it I feel like a princess. Just looking at it gives me a ton of inspiration so I've had it hanging up in my room where I can always see it. Pastels make my heart swoon. Today I finally bought the shoes of my dreams. I have been drooling over them for months now and I scored them for 50% off. A match made in heaven. Kept walking past mirrors and almost cried every time I saw them on my feet. I don't remember the last time I was this excited over a pair of shoes. Also picked up Pink Tea and Full of Joy blushes from MAC's new Tres Cheek collection. Possibly going to do a separate post about those later if anyone's interested? I'm really diggin experimenting with blushes right now.

SO so so very tempted to dye my hair pink. Cotton candy pastel princess pink. The only thing holding my back is my modeling. I would have a different hair color every week if it wasn't for that aspect of my life. Since it is such a huge important part of my life, I've let my now signature red hair stick around for the sake of booking gigs but I may just have to say F it and finally go for something different...at least for a little while.

Anyways this is the official start of my new blog! Or the continuation of my old blog circa 2010 ( left a few old posts up just for laughs; I have no idea who that person below is, things have changed so much obviously). Basically this is where I will talk about my personal/professional life, break down my daily outfits, post my current inspirations along with other fashiony stuff, DIYs, and discuss make up tips, tricks, & how tos. Always open to questions or requests!

BTdubs just to clarify I still have my tumbles and will continue to use it: http://ashleenichole.tumblr.com

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