April 11, 2012

♡rainy day woman♡

flannel & pants: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Unif, jewelry: BCBG

Rainy day comfy princess. I have 2 go-to comfy outfits and this is one of them. I like that look where it looks like you could be wearing your boyfriend's clothes except you don't have a boyfriend but people don't have to know that...yeah? Or I guess just some what androgynous grunge-esque. 

My hair is getting super light and my roots are taking over which means I have to decide what I'm going to do with it soon, ahhhhhh. I'm so torn between pink and red. Mostly I'm terrified of having to cut my hair therefore loosing my mermaid powers.

Been working on getting my store up asap. I have the pieces ready and styling planned out. All I need now is a photographer to photograph them.

Today I picked up a couple of Revlon's new lip butters, which was my first drugstore cosmetic purchase in years. I've heard pretty good stuff about them and I liked what I saw from the swatches I've seen, so I decided to give them a try. I've had 'Cupcake' on all afternoon (and in the photos above) and I really like it so far. Anyway I'll talk about them more in a future cosmetic related post.

Just because it's a rainy day and this is how I wish all rainy days would end, I leave you with this:

*Also because it's obviously relevant to my post title and if you caught the reference right away we should obviously be friends obviously. 

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